Michael Withey

We are thrilled to announce that we have signed an agreement with WildBlue Press https://wildbluepress.com for the publication Summary Execution: The Political Assassinations of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes. The book is due out in early 2018.WildBlue Press – “Great Reads from Exceptional Authors” – is a publishing house created by New York Times bestselling author Steve Jackson and specializes in true crime, mysteries and thrillers. To be sure, Summary Execution fits all three categories. Mike announced this exciting development stating: “We have waited a long time to tell this story and look forward to a close and productive relationship to WildBlue Press and the wonderful staff they have devoted to this project.”

The next several months will yield fruitful discussions and decisions about editing the manuscript, selecting a book cover, enhancing our website and Facebook presence, and developing marketing outreach for the Filipino, labor, international human rights and trial lawyer communities. WildBlue Press press has an excellent presence in the true crime/murder mystery genre and will greatly enhance these outreach efforts.

We are concurrently engaged in ongoing efforts to hold the Federal Bureau of Investigation accountable for its obstruction of justice in its investigation of the Domingo and Viernes murders in 1981. The investigation resulted in no charges being brought by the federal government.  Recent foot dragging by the FBI has thwarted our requests to obtain over a thousand pages of documents related to the FBI informant, Levane Forsythe, who was at the scene of the murders and came forward in an attempt to exonerate the hit men, Ramil and Guloy even though Silme had named them as his assailants after being shot.  We have recently learned that Forsythe was actually an informant for the Seattle FBI office at the very time the assassinations took place. The cover-up was clearly in full swing. We will press ahead, with litigation if necessary, to discover the true story of who dispatched Forsythe to the scene and arranged for his perjured testimony at the Ramil and Guloy trial.

We invite you to download the first chapter of the book and stay updated on future updates about our ongoing justice effort and the publication and pre-sale orders of Summary Execution: The Political Assassinations of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes by providing your name and email address below.