Michael Withey


Seattle, Washington  July 26th

Author, Michael Withey, attended the Pista Sa Nayan Filipino cultural festival at Seward Park JUly 26th to spread the word about The Domingo and Viernes Story. “The tradition of the Pista sa Nayon dates back centuries to the rural areas and towns of the Philippines. During Pista sa Nayon (a Filipino phrase translated “town festival”) Filipinos would gather for a fiesta in the middle of town to celebrate a good harvest, and it would be a time for people to focus on their neighbors, family and friends, solidifying the sense of community and hard work.” To learn more visit: www.pista.org

Seattle, Washington  July 16-19

Michael Withey attended the PNWA writer’s conference in Seattle, WA July 2015.  Here, he met with other aspiring and established authors, pitched to literary agents and editors and received endorsements for his upcoming novel The Domingo and Viernes Story.

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